The Sidouws Reserve holds a special significance as it represents the collaborative efforts and cherished memories of our current winemaker, Ronald le Roux, and his late father, Pieter le Roux, who crafted this blend together in 2019 before Pieter’s passing in 2020.

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Our Sidouws is a dry red wine blend is made from carefully selected grapes, grown on the foot of our Sidouws mountain: Petit Verdot 2018, Shiraz 2019 and Pinotage 2019.

Named after the Sidouws Mountain range that has long been part of our family farm, our red blend, Sidouws, is a tribute to the finest red grape varieties grown on the northern-facing slopes of this majestic mountain. Basking in the all-day sun on these slopes, the vines produce grapes with intensely concentrated berry flavors. The careful harvest takes place during the early dawn hours when the grapes are still cool, ensuring a cleaner fermentation process. All the grapes are handpicked, and basket pressed, and then undergo whole berry fermentation and natural settling. The resulting wine is aged in oak barrels for a minimum of 18 months, allowing the flavors to evolve and mature.

On the nose you will get lovely aromas of dark berries and pepper spice, with earthy flavours on the palate.

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