Our winery is where it all started. The Le Roux’s have been on the farm for nearly six generations, mostly providing the local cellar with their vineyard’s grapes. It was only in 2009 that the family decided to tackle a new adventure and start making their own wine. They enjoyed it so much (the making and tasting part), that they decided to go full steam ahead with their own winery. The wines are handcrafted by the Le Roux family. It is a product of hard work and passion, allowing it to form a personality of its own. At Kirabo, each wine is personal. It holds more than just taste and aroma. It tells the story of six generations, of perseverance, and of hope. It tells you that hard work is rewarded, and that passion can be pursued.

Whether you are a passionate red wine drinker, or a new comer to red wine, Kirabo has a bit of everything for everyone. Their cellar in Rawsonville offers wine tastings, wine pairings, as well seasonal wine events and fun workshops.
These wine services are not restricted to Kirabo’s venue, but can also be done at your event or home for special occasions. For more information, be sure to contact Kirabo.

Wine Experiences

  • Wine tastings
  • Wine sales
  • Harvest Day (Annual event)
  • Soetes & Sop (Annual event)


Winemaker: ronald@kirabocellar.co.za

Tasting room and sales: info@kirabocellar.co.za