She Awoke


She Awoke is one of Ronald le Roux’s early white wines, crafted from a special collection of old vine Chenin grapes from our farm’s vineyard since 1981. The wine’s name is inspired by these awakening vines, which gift us with a unique and beautiful wine each year. It’s a natural wine made through spontaneous fermentation and remains unfined.

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Tasting notes: 

She Awoke Chenin Blanc has a captivating nose, combining crispness with delightful apple and tropical aromas that reflect the wine’s freshness and vibrancy. On the palate, it delivers a refreshing and well-rounded experience, with persistent flavors of crisp apple and tropical fruits, beautifully balanced between fruitiness and acidity. The wine’s long and lingering finish leaves a lasting impression, making it a delightful exploration for the senses.

Food pairings:

Pair the She Awoke Chenin Blanc with light seafood, salads, soft cheeses, Asian cuisine, light poultry dishes, or a veggie platter to complement its refreshing and well-rounded profile with crisp apple and tropical notes.

Overall, She Awoke Chenin Blanc is a wine that highlights the character and complexity of its mature vineyard, with crispness, apple, and tropical notes on the nose, a refreshing and balanced palate, and a long lingering finish that awakens the senses and captivates the taste buds.

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