Petrus (6-Box)

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Petrus is a red wine blend of 73% Petit Verdot and 27% Merlot.

Petrus has been aged for 24 months in old oak barrels, allowing it to develop complexity and integrate flavors from the wood.

Tasting notes: 

Petrus offers an earthy profile with enticing aromas of dark fruits, particularly blackberry. These fragrances create a sense of depth and richness. On the palate, The wine impresses with its smooth and soft silky tannins, which provide a velvety texture and contribute to a refined mouthfeel. The flavors are likely to be a continuation of the dark fruit notes perceived on the nose, offering a rich and intense tasting experience.

Food pairing: 

Petrus goes well with foods that match its earthy profile and rich dark fruit flavors. Good food choices to pair with Petrus include grilled or roasted red meats like steak, lamb, or venison. Also, try it with hearty stews or braised dishes, aged cheeses like Gouda or aged cheddar, mushrooms, truffle-based dishes, and dark chocolate desserts or desserts with berry compotes.

Overall, Petrus is a well-crafted wine that combines the boldness of Petit Verdot with the elegance of Merlot. It has earthy and dark fruit smells and feels silky in your mouth, creating a pleasant and enjoyable experience for wine lovers. With its interesting flavors and smooth texture, Petrus is likely to impress and satisfy wine enthusiasts.



He was the youngest son of Andries Abrahm Le Roux and Rachel Elizabeth De Kock. As Petrus loved drinking wine, he dabbled into sweet wines for his family’s own consumption. Petrus is named after ‘Oupa Piet’, who was the farm’s first winemaker.


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