Girlie Rosé (6-Box)

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Tasting notes: 

Girlie Rosé has a delicate and inviting smell of rose petals and Turkish Delight, with a subtle hint of strawberry adding fruity sweetness. On the palate, it has a mix of flavors, including a playful popcorn taste and a refreshing floral undertone.

Food pairing:

It goes well with light salads, grilled seafood, poultry dishes, and even with popcorn for a fun movie night. The wine also pairs nicely with soft cheeses and Turkish cuisine like lamb kebabs and stuffed grape leaves. For dessert, try it with raspberry sorbet or a mixed berry tart. Enjoy your meal!

Overall, Girlie Rosé is a charming wine with a beautiful balance of floral and fruity characteristics.



Ouma Girlie, Karen Le Roux’s grandmother, was an extraordinary person. Karen always admired her and looked up to her. Girlie was passionate about making preserves and pickling, winning numerous competitions, and passing on her talents to Karen, who continues this cherished family tradition.


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