Orange wine


Orange wine is a captivating and unique style of wine made from white grapes where the grape skins are left in contact with the juice during fermentation, resulting in vibrant aromas and flavors reminiscent of oranges and stone fruits.

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Tasting notes:

Our Orange Wine offers a captivating sensory experience with aromas of orange blossom, citrus zest, honey, and apricot, showcasing a unique and intriguing flavor profile of ripe oranges, stone fruits, natural tannins, and vibrant acidity, creating a harmonious and well-rounded mouthfeel with a long and lingering finish that leaves a memorable impression.

Food pairings: 

Pair our Orange Wine with spicy Asian cuisine, grilled or roasted poultry, fresh seafood, soft cheeses, stone fruit desserts, or Moroccan and Middle Eastern dishes for a captivating and unique flavor experience that complements its vibrant aromas of orange blossom, citrus zest, honey, and apricot, along with its rich and textured palate featuring ripe oranges and stone fruits balanced with natural tannins and vibrant acidity for a harmonious and lingering finish.

Overall, our Orange Wine is an exceptional expression of the grape, captivating with aromas of orange blossom, citrus zest, hints of honey and apricot, delivering a rich and textured experience with flavors of ripe oranges, stone fruits, and a balanced interplay of natural tannins and vibrant acidity, making it a unique and remarkable choice for those seeking an intriguing and flavorful wine experience.

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