Sauvignon Blanc 2021


Experience the captivating Sauvignon Blanc 2021, uniquely crafted through oak fermentation and barrel aging in old oak barrels for 24 months, enhancing its complexity and texture for a truly delightful taste.


Tasting notes: 

The nose of this Sauvignon Blanc reveals a delightful combination of aromas. Hints of peaches, apricot, and passion fruit add a vibrant and tropical flair, while a subtle mineral undertone provides a sense of depth and complexity. The aromatic profile is both enticing and refreshing. On the palate, this Sauvignon Blanc offers a textured and juicy experience. The flavors of peaches, apricot, and passion fruit take center stage, providing a luscious and fruit-forward palate. The wine is complemented by a mineral finish, which adds an intriguing element to the overall taste. Fresh acidity adds brightness and balance, enhancing the refreshing nature of the wine.

Food pairings: 

Pair our Sauvignon Blanc with a variety of dishes to complement its delightful aromas and juicy palate, such as light seafood, summer salads, soft cheeses, Asian cuisine, grilled chicken, or a fresh fruit platter, creating a refreshing and enjoyable experience.

Overall, the Sauvignon Blanc 2021 is a wine that showcases both complexity and freshness. Its oak fermentation and barrel aging contribute to a textured and layered palate. The flavors of peaches, apricot, and passion fruit dominate, accompanied by a mineral finish that adds depth. The wine’s fresh acidity ensures a lively and vibrant experience from start to finish.

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