Petit Verdot 2019 (6-Box)

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Tasting notes: 

The Petit Verdot 2019 Flagship wine features a captivating nose, blending dark fruits and herbal notes, with intense aromas of blackberry and plums, layered with hints of herbs for added complexity. On the palate, it offers smooth and velvety tannins, a medium body that strikes a harmonious balance, and dominant flavors of ripe and succulent dark fruits like blackberry and plums, creating a well-rounded and enjoyable tasting experience.

Food pairing:

The bold and intense characteristics of Petit Verdot make it a great match for a variety of dishes. Enjoy it with grilled steak or braised lamb to bring out its rich flavors. Indulge in the wine’s luscious profile by pairing it with dark chocolate desserts or roasted duck. For a vegetarian option, try it with smoky Portobello mushrooms. Additionally, aged cheeses and barbecue ribs make for satisfying companions to this powerful wine.

Overall, The Petit Verdot 2019 Flagship wine is a standout expression of the grape, boasting a bold nose of dark fruits like blackberry and plums, complemented by subtle herbal undertones, while its smooth, velvety tannins and medium body create a luxurious and well-balanced red wine experience.



Kirabo takes pride in their flagship wine, the Petit Verdot, which is crafted through meticulous vineyard selection and a New World winemaking approach, resulting in a powerful wine with a deep purple-red colour.


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