Rachel Chenin Blanc (6-Box)

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Vineyard: Rachel Chenin Blanc is sourced from the slopes of the Sidouws Mountain, with the Chenin Blanc (known as Steen in South Africa) grapes grown on north-facing slopes. This unique terroir contributes to the wine’s exceptional quality and character.

Tasting notes:

The nose is invigorating with crisp notes of guava and green apple. These vibrant aromas create an enticing bouquet, hinting at the refreshing qualities that lie ahead. Rachel Chenin Blanc delights the palate with its lingering acidity, which adds a lively and invigorating touch. The fresh acidity perfectly complements the prominent flavors of green apple, creating a harmonious and enjoyable taste experience. The wine bursts with flavors, showcasing the richness and complexity inherent in Chenin Blanc.

Food pairing:

Rachel pairs well with a variety of foods that match its vibrant and refreshing taste, including light seafood, tangy salads, creamy cheeses, citrusy Asian cuisine, and light poultry dishes like roasted chicken.

Overall, Rachel Chenin Blanc is a vibrant and lively white wine, characterized by its crispy and refreshing nature. The combination of guava, green apple, and lingering acidity makes it a delightful choice for those seeking a wine with vibrant flavors and a fresh, invigorating profile.

Important: The wine is packaged in a clear flint bottle, not the one depicted in the picture.



Rachel was the first farmers wife n our family land and was married to Andries Abraham Le Roux and mother to Petrus. Today we fondly joke that she was the original producer of all the Le Roux family winemakers.


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